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Hello dear followers, have you all survived this extremely cold Monday? (or, if you’re reading this from a tropical location: don’t make me jealous) Ooffff.. I started off the day with an exam, couldn’t be better right? Uh… Well, after that I went to Utrecht to meet with fellow blogger Saranda and we shot these outfit pics. After days full of rain, we were lucky it stayed dry today. I’m happy with the results! What do you think?

It may sound strange, but I really like wearing outfits like these most. It’s actually a really simple look, but because you’re wearing panties and a dress it looks more aesthetic, then when you’re wearing a pair of jeans (again). So yeah, I really like going to school in outfits like this one. Dresses, skirts, shorts… Combined with a pair of leather boots or a bit higher heels. Those are my favorite outfits. For some people it’s maybe out of their comfort zone to wear dresses and heels to school, but sometimes you should just try. Don’t be scared to look overdressed, that’s only when you go to school/work in a prom dress. What do you like wearing most, what do you feel comfortable in? I would love to hear!

I’m gonna warm up in bed, it’s been a long weekend, so I’m sorry for looking tired in the photos. Haha! Hope you like the outfit as much as I do.

Love, Britt

Photos taken by Saranda @ Sarandipity


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