Santa Barbara


Hi there!! The last couple of days have been so exciting. Sunday morning I flew to LAX for my 2 months during Santa Barbara adventure. I’m going to school here to improve my English skills and make the TOEFL exam. Besides that I’m also here to have the best time of my life and see California!!

Today will be my first day at school, so that’s very exciting. Yesterday I got my schedule and iPad, so that makes it very easy for me to post new things on the blog.

I have so many exciting things planned on during my stay here!! I’ll be traveling to Las Vegas this weekend with my new friends!! And at the end of my trip I will have a wedding at the beautiful beach of Santa Barbara, cause a Dutch friend is marrying a California woman! How amazing! But those are not all my plans, stay tuned for more! :)

I’m staying in a hostfamily with 18 other students and a hostdad, so it’s a full house! I will keep you updated about my trip, now I’m going to make myself some yummy and delicious breakfast haha!

Enjoy your Tuesday morning/afternoon/night!
Love from Californiaaa


  • Ingrid says:

    Sounds great Britt! I’m sure you’ll have the time of your life!
    Have fun out there! big hug, Inkie

  • Marcelo says:

    Hey there. I just wanted to know a little bit about santa barbara’s lifestyle. You’ll see, i’m peruvian and i also want to spend a few weeks there (ef as well) to improved my english skills and to have fun. I’ve been said that this is one of the ef schools with more parties and stuff so… By the time i go there (july 2015) i’ll be already 17. My EF adviser told me that students usually pick the homestay option. Following that you also chose that option, could you tell me how much freedom did you have at the place you stayed? Where you allowed to go to clubs and to drink near your place (despite your age)? It would be awesome if you could please give me your email so we can have a more direct communication. Thanks in advance :)

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