Las Vegas baby








IMG_0015I know.. I called the post “Las Vegas baby” so I should post photos of Las Vegas.. This weekend I went there and the girls and I went for some shopping at day time, cause Las Vegas is a real nightlife-city and it was WAY too hot to be outside of a hotel, swimming pool or for us: shopping mall. It was 45 degrees!!

As you can see I bought a lot of new things, which I’m very happy with!! But, besides shopping we also saw a lot of this crazy and amazing city. When we arrived we went to Paris and watched the fountain show at the Caesars Palace and afterwards we had a fun limousine ride! I also went to see the rest of the strip afterwards and on Saturday. We really had a blast!! We had so much fun, we had a really great group. We’re even planning our own trip to San Fransisco this weekend. If you have any places I must go to, please let me know!

For the Dutchies here, I have some really great news. I’ll be writing a weekly article on about lifestyle/fashion, but it will be in Dutch. So if you have any suggestions about things I should write about, please let me know.

Have a lovely Tuesday or those of you who are in the same time-region as me: sweet dreams!



  • Ingrid says:

    Hi Britt,

    My nephew Jelle Keizer is performing in Vegas this weekend.
    If you like house, that’s the place to be!
    Check out Mightyfools on Facebook for the dates and places.

    Have fun!
    xxx Ingrid

    • brittamaxime says:

      Hi Ingrid, ah that’s great! I looked him up on FB, but unfortunately I already left Las Vegas on Sunday.. I also saw that he will perform in San Francisco tomorrow, but I will be there Saturday.. Thanks for letting me know though! XX see you soon

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