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sarandaadriana-mbfwa-fashionweek-amsterdam-blogger-fashion-adidas-vansHi there!

My name is Saranda Walgaard, owner of my own fashion blog www.SarandaAdriana.com, applied psychologist and this summer I will be a guestblogger for BrittaMaxime.com! While Britt is traveling the world I am staying home for a big part of the summer vacation, a little bit boring maybe.. But it does mean that I went to Amsterdam Fashion Week or MBFWA!

For Britt’s blog I will share some of my favorite shows with you, including some of the pictures I made myself during the shows…

I will also write blogposts about how to survive fashion week and maybe a post about what it is like to be a blogger during this chaotic but wonderful week full of fashion!
Let me know what you would love to know about MBFWA and I will write it down so I can answer your questions in one of the upcoming blogposts :)

In September I will go to Italy to learn the language for a couple of weeks and I might try to get into milan fashion week as well… There is no harm in trying right?! Nothing ventured, nothing gained or in Dutch; Nee heb je, ja kun je krijgen.

We’ll just see what summer brings me and I will keep you updated fashion week wise!
Stay tuned for my first real fashion week post on BrittaMaxime, which will be online upcoming Wednesday…

A little preview:
MBFWA IINUA Joelle Boers Bregje Cox


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