Wearing: Subdued jeans jacket // ONLY shirt via // Levi’s vintage shorts // Superga sneakers

Heya! With the Summer finally on its way – as we may believe from the weather forecast – we are allowed to wear shorts again… yay! Bare legs here we come! I must admit that while picking this outfit I couldn’t really find what I was looking for, until my babe Joyce helped put together items of my closet that I’ve never put together before.. And so I ended up in this super cool double denim look. The shirt is pretty chic, but combined with the denim it gets a rough edge.. Thank you Joyce, I could’ve better called this post “Styled by…” haha!

Not only shorts are coming out of the back of our closets again this season, also the Summer shoes… I’ll turn in my beloved Stan Smiths for some more Summer proof sneakers: Superga. These classic sneakers are available in so many colors, it’s impossible not to love them. I even think these can be perfect for a festival… And so it happened that Superga collaborated with Amsterdam Open Air and YOU can win tickets plus…. A pair of customized Superga sneakers! Who wouldn’t want that?! How? Click here!

Good luck!! Hope to see the lucky winner and/or party people there this weekend! Kisses, Britt


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