Last year I started brittamaxime.com because of my passion for lifestyle and fashion. I never expected people to notice my passion for writing. But a few weeks ago I got emailed by a new blogger community called Voomm to work with them. I was so happy, I immediately texted my parents – since I am in California and they are on the other side of the world in Vietnam – to tell them the news. And now here I am, writing a weekly article on lifestyle/fashion on their website. I never dared to dream of something like this. I think this is a great oppurtunity to grow and become a better writer. It’s kind of scary though, I have never written in Dutch before!! So please don’t be too hard on me :)

Here’s my article from last Friday, I’m sorry a little late but here’s a translation for the non-Dutchies:

“This Summer holiday isn’t just a normal holiday for me, no this year it’s the first I’m traveling alone for a long time. I’m currently in Santa Barbara for two months to improve my English skills and to have the time of my life. And so far it will definitely succeed. If I would have to describe Santa Barbara in a few words I would say; relaxed, lovely weather (sunny and about 25 degrees) and friendly people. 

In the first ten days I have already seen really great and beautiful things. If you go on holiday to California or if you want to then you shouldn’t miss a stop in Santa Barbara. A lovely little town with buildings in Spanish style, all the people who live here are really really friendly and everyone is interested in you and how you are doing.

Las Vegas, this amazing city with a 24/7 nightlife could definitely not miss in my stay here. What a crazy and insane city. Everywhere you look you see people in the craziest outfits, dressed up as icons and movie stars. Together with a couple of friends I went there and we have seen everything of the city. Besides sightseeing we also did some good shopping here. This Paradise has a couple of super big shopping malls with the biggest stores of the United States. Nothing’s too crazy in Vegas!

Every day I have to go to class for a couple of hours, but after that I can relax at the beach and enjoy the lovely weather! In the weekends you can make some nice trips to different cities and places. This weekend I will be going to San Francisco. I am really excited about this cool city with its beautiful architecture, the Golden Gate Bridge and stores!”

If you have any tips, comments or ideas for next posts; let me know! I love to hear what you readers think. Tomorrow my new article will be online at Voomm, so stay tuned for that one!!


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