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Friday in the late afternoon sun my new friends from all over the world, namely Italy and Japan, and I went off to San Francisco with our rented cars. Coming from sunny Southern California we we’re really freezing in breezy San Francisco after a seven hour drive.

While we, the four girls and our Spanish friend and driver Adrian, already arrived at the hotel we we’re wondering where the other guys were. Two hours later they finally arrived at the hotel, they were totally excited about there amazing stop in Pismo beach. There they had a really nice dinner at the beach while we did a quick stop at the super healthy McDonalds.

We were so exhausted from our long drive in the – not so comfortable – cars that we went to bed immediately after arriving in our hotel, so that we would be full of energy for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning, we woke up early to discover the steep streets and beautiful piers of San Francisco. The morning sun was shining through our hotel room and we went on the fire stairs to soke up this little bit of sun in San Francisco. First we walked through the financial district to Pier 39. We saw a huge bridge there and we all thought it was the Golden Gate Bridge. Haha, stupid us! Of course not, this bridge wasn’t even red… Yeah, that’s how smart we can be. After visiting the pier with the pretty blue skies we took the bus to visit the actual Golden Gate Bridge. After a fifteen minute drive we felt like we took the bus to Antartica, it was frreezing there! But the bridge was really impressive though. It’s incredible how this enourmous bridge could have been build by people.

One other thing I really like about San Francisco are the steep streets they have there. Well, at first we were kind of shocked how steep they actually were. When we arrived on Friday night we were searching for our hotel and driving up the hill, but the trams drive on the same way. So Fenna was sitting in the front of the car and all of a sudden she started to scream: “Guuuys, the tram is coming at us!!!” And we all started to laugh at her, haha. But we were kind of shocked as well actually.

On Sunday the other girls and I took the time to do some shopping. We went to the enourmous shopping mall called Westfields, to avoid the breezy wind and cold of 15 degrees.  And we spent almost the whole day there.

Yesterday our alarm went off at 05.15 AM pfff, but we had to this so we would have enough time to bring the cars back on time. And with the de-tours at random beaches of the guys we couldn’t take any risks.

It felt really good to be back in sunny Southern California, so when we arrived “home” in Santa Barbara we went for a nice and relaxing day at the beautiful beach of Santa Barbara.

It was an amazing experience to do something like this with my friends here, definitely something we will never forget.

PS. I’m sorry for the crappy pictures, if you click on them you will see them in good quality. But I had to choose between bigger and blurry or really small and sharp haha. Chose this option!

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