Well hi there again, have you noticed how up and running I’ve been on the blog lately? I really want to keep the posting around this level (read: around 3-4 posts a week, at least) going, when the agenda allows me to. Because I’m also in my senior year, this upcoming months there will be times where I really need to focus on my exams (unfortunately).. But hey, the next exams will be in a month or so. So until then: blogging, blogging and some more… Blogging! No matter how tired or moody I am, blogging and fashion always know how to make me smile.

Winter gear… Yes, it can be pretty damn cold down here, so I wanted to show you what I wear to keep warm instead of what is underneath the coat. Whenever I’m not wearing my super thick Woolrich coat (to survive the coldest days), I’m either wearing this basic Zara coat from my mum or my leopard coat. To spice it up a little I’m wearing it with a super chunky, woolly scarf and this cute beanie I showed you guys before about a week ago. What do you think of this super simple, but comfortable look?

Ph/ by lovely mummy (her first time shooting me, good job!)

Zara coat, scarf and shoes (oops, addict?)
Bijenkorf old biker legging
Loods 5 pom pom beanie
Balenciaga giant city bag

PS. It’s (almost, 30 minutes left right now) Valentine’s day! Do you guys have any plans? Haha I don’t really like it, so I don’t, so who’s joining me with a big bowl of Ben & Jerrys and a good comedy? I do have exciting plans this weekend, you’ll find out more later. So I’m going to head to bed now, sleep well! Buh-byeee!!

Have a lovely V-day!

Lots of love, Britt


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