Hi hi lovely followers!! How was your weekend? Mine was GREAT, pfoeee where shall I begin?

FRIDAY. Friday was the day I had my first Fashion Week show ever which was Jan Boelo, such a talented designer. I was sitting behind Fred van Leer (you might’ve seen my instavideo here), taking photos of the beautiful collection while enjoying the powerful and exciting atmosphere. (I don’t have many pictures of the show, because ALL the photos I shot were blurry.. The other shows I took photos with my new lens, a 85mm f/1.8 from Canon!) Below the beautiful, elf looking Valentijn in a flowing gown.


After the show my friend and I went to the after party, where we spoke with inspiring blogger Liza Chloé and of course, a photo with her could not be missed.

SATURDAY. The day of the SuperTrash ST Big Bang show, wow, what a happening! Fellow blogger Kim from We Heart Fashion was walking the show, so I wanted to take photos of her but everyone was so hard to recognize! But I loved the collection and the after party was also not to be missed. Together with some friends we spend the night sipping Vodka Sprite’s and dancing to the DJs mixes, while networking in between.


SUNDAY. When I woke up on Sunday morning I felt slightly hangover, but still excited because yesterday I had another two shows up on the planning, exciting! The first show was Dorhout Mees, a collection inspired by forest nymphs with beautiful tones as ocher yellow, moss green and subtle prints. My favorite piece was absolutely the ocher yellow skirt!


After that beautiful show it was time for my finale, Tony Cohen’s show. Tony’s collection briefly, as said by Fred van Leer and Kim Feenstra: feminine, sexy, fierce and fine, flowing fabrics. My absolute favorite was the black and white suite beautiful model Ovo was wearing.


It was such an amazing weekend and maybe the most exciting thing was that I didn’t spend this fashion week alone, but with fellow bloggers and friends! It’s really hard to pick a favorite show, since I loved all of them. But if I would have to choose one, I’d say Tony Cohen’s show was most my style. I hope this won’t be the only time I’ll be able to visit Fashion Week. So hopefully until next time, maybe in Paris? Okay, I’ll dream on for a while. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Oh and did you already see my feature in Blogazine by Fashionista? A special edition of a Dutch magazine all about bloggers! I’m featured in the top 15 Upcoming Dutchies on number 9, how awesome is that? Wouldn’t be possible without you readers, so thank you!! (PS. you can order the magazine here)

Have a lovely evening!! I’m going to bed early tonight, missed a lot of sleep hours last weekend ha ha! XOX


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