Pay with your phone: ABN Amro Wallet app

If you regularly follow me around on social media (read: Snap and Instagram) you know I like to go out for coffee and/or food with friends whenever I am not working, studying or partying. During the week, the weekend, anytime you can give me a call and I’m sure I am up for one of these options.

Last week I did the same with one of my best friends, in our favourite neighbourhood De Pijp to catch up over one or two coffee. We discovered a cool, recently opened place called Goût which is a deli/boutique to get your coffee in the cutest cup (look at that print!) and go-to place for a healthy banana bread or quinoa salad – I’m fan! We were surprised we hadn’t been there before, since we have passed the boutique multiple times during our Friday night drinks around the Gerard Douplein. For lunch Joyce enjoyed a delicious quinoa salad with hummus and I had a yummy leaven sandwich with salmon and wasabi mayonnaise… I’ll be back to have this again!

However, meeting up a day before my flight to Mexico (from where I am writing you) you are likely to catch me at my most chaotic moment… A thousand things on my very last-minute to do list (like packing my entire suitcase, finishing up on deadlines, doing my last laundry and grocery shopping) with too little time to get all of this done. And of course, in a hurry to meet up with Joyce in time I also accomplished to forget my wallet. Luckily, I found out about the new ABN Amro Wallet app a couple of days in advance. This app is the perfect solution to situations like these. It works the same as your card on all the “contactloos” PIN machines. Just put your phone against the machine instead of your card. Already 200.000 machines like these are available in shops, cafes, supermarkets et cetera in The Netherlands.

All you need for this to work is an Android phone with NFC Antenna, for example the Samsung Galaxy S7 like I’m using and a bank account with ABN Amro. Isn’t this just perfect? And, even if you’re not as chaotic as me… Chance is your phone is in your hands already, while your card is still somewhere in your bag.

Want to know more about this? Take a look and read about it over here.

Want to get this handy app too? Download it in the Google Play store here.


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