Hello there! Today it’s time for quite a new topic here on the blog; a travel report! I always show a lot of pictures on my Instagram (and sometimes here) to give a look into my daily life and travels, but I noticed that I always do this with my iPhone. So now that I’m traveling through the Caribbean with my parents I decided to take my camera with me (almost) everywhere I go, to show you around!

Our first stop was Anguilla, an island we didn’t know anything about yet and wow what a beautiful and quiet one. They have over a 30 – yes THIRTY! – bays to chill/snorkel/relax/tan at and the people there are just too kind. Curious yet?

Note: Sadly I couldn’t upload all my photos because of the bad internet connection, but once I can I will put them (photos of the room and bays) here!!

Last weekend my family (read: parents and sister) and I flew to the Caribbean to hop on and off a few islands here for the coming three weeks. Our first stop: Anguilla. This gorgeous little island is pretty empty, because there are almost no tourists now that it’s low-season, but I don’t get that at all haha. The weather is over a 30 degrees and the place is just too beautiful!

We stayed in such a cute little boutique hotel called Ambia, but since we were the only guests we had the whole place, together with a kitchen, living room and swimming pool, for ourselves which was just perfect. The owners were so sweet and told us all about the places we should visit and what not, since we had so little time.

So we went to Mandalay Bay (see the first photo), a perfect small bay where there were just a few people. This bay had the whitest sand and the brightest blue sea I have ever seen – so far! I couldn’t believe it, the view was so unreal! Since this was the first place we discovered, all the other places could not compete with that one – oops!

Some other photos I have waiting for you to be shown are some of our lunch at Scilly Cay (IG preview here) and our room! When this will be online, I will tell in my upcoming post(s)! Sorry for the inconvenience guys..

I’ll be back soon, I have something exciting about to launch! Love, Britt

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PH/ BY ME (OF ME: by my sis)


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