Hi there! I’m sorry for the one-day delay; I wanted to post this yesterday, but since we had a tropical storm called Bertha here on the island, I wasn’t able to be on the internet, but… Now I’m back with another travel report, this time featuring a lovely small French island: Saint Barth! I’m so excited to share tips and my experiences with you about this place, because it was my first time visiting this island and I immediately fell in love. We were supposed to only spend 3 nights there and then go to Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, but we liked it so much that we stayed for 3 more.

So, what is it that makes this island such a great place to be?

Our hotel room/view at Le Village

First of all, it must be the atmosphere. The island makes you feel so peaceful in the low-season, while in the high-season you can party your ass of. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do now, because there are so many nice places to enjoy yourself!

We stayed in such a nice hotel, where we had our own appartment called: Le Village. We were just 200 meters away from the beach, which gave us a stunning view from up the hill.

First row: Arrived on St. Barth! – Rosé at Nikki Beach – Beautiful Colombier Beach
Second: View on the harbor while driving around – Received some Bohotats – With my dad :)

Just like in Anguilla we had to rent a car, to get ourselves around and discover the island – so we did. Since we had six days, we didn’t feel like rushing any plans on the island; just relax (like everyone else)! There were a view beaches we visited, but two of them were on the “wrong” side of the island which made them really, really windy… (Named: Gouverneur Beach and Saline Beach) Didn’t mean they weren’t beautiful, but all the sand blowing and sticking (!) on our bodies got kind of annoying..

The third beach we visited was Colombier Beach, which was the best beach on Saint Barth in our opinion! A 20 minute hike through the hill to get there, but oh so worth it! Once you arrive at this beautiful, quiet little beach you fall in love.. The sea is blue, there’s just a little breeze, few people and the view is amazing. Definitely a must to go if you visit the island and want to escape the busy beaches like St. Jean – which is nice though, if you want to go get lunch or drinks at Nikki Beach!

If we wanted to go out at the end of the afternoon or get dinner, we decided to take the car and go to the islands center: Gustavia. A nice harbor and city center where they have some really cute shops and delicious – but expensive – restaurants!

My top 5 St. Barth-musts:
Colombier Beach (relax)
Ocean Restaurant (best fish restaurant in town)
l’Isola Restaurant (Italian food, super, but expensive!)
4. Human Steps (to shop your favorite designer shoes and/or bags)
5. Nikki Beach (drinks/lunch)

Find all the info you need about this island here!

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I’m actually most excited about showing you around on my final island-hop destination: Saba, since this is a special place for me. Stay tuned!!

Have a lovely Sunday dear readers!! Big kiss, Britt

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