The Mrs. Carter Show Opening

tour_serbia_vrettos_vrettakos_01 tour_serbia_givenchy_01 tour_serbia_blonds_02 tour_serbia_blonds_01 tour_serbia_givenchy_02The Mrs. Carter Show Opening

Look how a-maaa-zing and beautiful (as always!!) Beyonce was looking at the opening of her tour The Mrs. Carter Show. When I ordered tickets it seemed so far away, but next Monday she will be performing in Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome and some of my friends and I are going to be a part of that. I’m usually not so much into concerts, but if I have to name one artist I really love to see perform and whose song never bore me then it must be her. Some of you going as well, and if so: are you as excited as I am??


  • Veronica Upton says:

    Super excited cant wait can we meet? I love your blog! Plse reply

    • brittamaxime says:

      Thanks, very sweet of you! Will you be going there next Monday too? I think it will be very busy over there haha.

      • Veronica Upton says:

        Yes!! I am there monday. I would really love to have a chat with you about your blog and life is that possible?

  • Anne says:

    Een paar klasgenootjes van me gaan ook heen, en staan al echt te springen om te gaan! Ik had mezelf beloofd dat als ze ooit nog een keer in Nederland kwam, ik erbij zou zijn, maar helaas..

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