Last Winter we already saw a lot of animal printed coats. Most of them zebra or leopard. But this Summer they were still here and next season they will stay as well. I had some troubles finding a good one, but now I found this one with a zebra print in sale at Zara’s webshop when I was “just looking” there. So I asked my mom if she could order it for me – which she was so sweet to do – and now this baby is waiting for me at home.  kind of miss Zara here, it’s really a European thing.

I can’t wait to try out different outfits with this cool jacket! I’m already making some in my head. Then I happened to see this picture of Lizzy van der Ligt wearing the same jacket! Love the way she combined it, quite simple but yet playful and sophisticated.

What do you think, would you wear an animal print jacket like this? Or is it too much print for you?
I’d love to hear!

Ph/ courtesy of Dutch blogger Lizzy van der Ligt 


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