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Black fake-leather Zara jacket + H&M furry soft pink sweater

Hellooo there!! I just got home from a nice weekend in Brussels where I visited my French friend Shami, we met in Santa Barbara this summer and had such a good time! I have holidays this week, but I have to study for my exams next week… Hmm, got to love school. I cannot wait until May, I will have my final exams and then I (hopefully) finish my high school.

About a week ago I visited the new, renovated Zara store in Amsterdam and I could not help but notice this really cool biker jacket. Though I already have a real leather biker jacket, I couldn’t resist buying this fake one.. It looks so cool! I really think a biker jacket should be hanging in everyones closet, just as a good pair of jeans! What do you think? What’s your ultimate wardrobe classic? XOX


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