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Hey there! Sunday morning I arrived home in Holland.. I have to say that I missed our flat little country! All the grass and green, flat landscapes look so cute from above! It was really nice to see everyone again, hold them in my arms and realize that my California adventure really came to an end.

Back to the school life again though, Monday morning the drama already started… My senior year! Well, at least everyone says it was their best year so we’ll make it that!! Except for the exams… Haha.

Sunday it seemed like I didn’t bring the good weather with me, but hey better late than never… Cause tomorrow and Friday it will be 28 degreeeesss!! Hello beach weather (:

Though the weather won’t stay that way for long, so I’m already preparing myself for Fall. I’ve picked some of my essentials. And yes, it’s all black and white for now – but of course burgundy, cream, grey and army green won’t be missing in my closet. What do you think, what cannot possibly miss in your Fall wardrobe? XOX

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