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YAY! A new category on the blog, since I am pretty busy with finals, I do not always have the time to make outfit posts and of course, when I did have time this week; I got sick… Can you believe it? My body has such bad timing. I also had some other really great things planned between Wednesday and Friday which I had to cancel unfortunately. However, some good news is that I am leaving for a beach holiday soon. I can get some mandatory (yes, my body really needs it) rest. Read the books I have to read, have 7 nights of good sleep and soak up a lot of vitamin D which comes with a tan – oh yeah.

But less about me being sick and my holiday plans – back to the subject of this post. My first “favorites” post, this time; my new bikini, which was delivered by the mailman just in time for Egypt! I love how this bikini differs from the “standard” type of bikinis such as bandeaus and triangle ones. Okay, this isn’t the most practical with tanning, because of the big straps but it looks pretty cool in my opinion. What do you think? Hate it or love it? I’d love to hear!

I hope you all make the best out of your weekend, and if you’re having holidays like me; enjoy it!!

PS. Who else is attending Yara’s Blog Class Event tomorrow? I’m excited!! Hopefully my fever will be over… So no partying for me this Friday night, but another date with my beloved bed! Haha

Big kiss, Britt


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