Acne Pistol Boots (first) + Acne Star Boots (second) courtesy of my mum

Black shoes… I think I can be short on this one. Many of you probably own a lot of black shoes too. There just so easy to wear, aren’t they? But, finding a pair which has a good price, has good quality ánd allows us to do some shopping with is hard to find.

I’m a lucky girl, besides my own shoe collection I have a mum with the same taste ánd size. And let’s just say that she’s has a thing for shoes, no: black shoes. Since I’m still at living home I am taking just a little advantage of the fact that the closet next to my room is for me a little bit of shoe heaven (besides dreaming of a pair of Louboutins and Céline).

I simply love these two Acne pairs, they go with any outfit and make it sophisticated + stylish. The Pistol boots are bit more sturdy than the Star, which would go better for a chic party where you don’t want to be overdressed. They’re classy, but still solid. Both designs have a mid-sized heel and you can walk in them for hours. That’s perfect for us, right?

Yes, they’re more expensive than other black, leather boots. But with basics like these, I think it’s worth an investment. Shop them here.

For a similar star boot here or pistol boot here!

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Have a lovely day! Big kiss, Britt

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