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I know it’s still Thursday, but in this weather you’re probably thinking about what to wear on that rainy Friday tomorrow – or well, we should think about it instead of in a hurry in the morning…. sounds familiar, doesn’t it? On cold and rainy days like these we should wear anything fluffy or knitted to keeps ourselves warm. We’ll save our colder, less comfortable and more silhouet/skin showing pieces for the Thursday and Friday nights.

I got this pastel pink fluffy vest at the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam a while back. I wasn’t planning on buying anything, but hey you know how it goes; it just happened. We are allowed to buy ourselves a little gift every once in a while, right? (or maybe more often than that…)

I just had a busy day, but such an exciting one! Had another class of fashion journalism at the Dutch Sanoma (office/founder of a lot of magazines) head quarters and we got a tour through the office of Grazia NL! It was great to see, oh how I would love to have a job there later. If only… That’s just a dream for now. Pretty exhausted right now and still a pile of work left to do. So I’m gonna do what I have to, what are you up to tonight? A great party maybe? Anyways, have a lovely evening Love, Britt


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