Normally I would rather avoid big, commercial shops during sale, but this time I pulled myself together and took a look around in Zara. And oh, it was worth it. Look what I found! Aren’t these booties too pretty?? I’m really glad I found these babies, okay, I didn’t need new shoes. But for 30 euros I just simply could not jilt them. What do you think, are as in love with them as I am? I will show them in an outfit post later this week, so stay tuned for that. :)

I really love the brown, suede color of the boots, since most of my (or my moms) shoes are black. Don’t you think they really really look like the Freelance boots from my mom I wearing here?

That was the better part of my last few days. Right now I’m in bed with a major headache and scratches.. Fell with my scooter this morning, how this happened? Pfff, long story haha. I’m glad I don’t have anything too serious and my scooter is still working too! I have to get some rest right now, hopefully I’ll feel better after a good sleep. Or, maybe a little afternoon nap.

Hope your day’s better then mine!! Big kiss, Britt


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