Hi there readers!! Here it finally is, after a little hustle and bustle with the hotel wifi, an outfit post all the way from sunny Egypt! This weather makes me feel like wearing less black and more colours, yes yes: happy outfits. And besides wearing just a color, wearing orange is about as Dutch as it can get; it’s our national color!

Excuse the bit messy look, these photos were taken right after a full day at the beach, so with a little exploded, orange looking hair and no makeup on. Hmmm, I’m really lovin’ this week without any makeup on though. Normally I don’t wear that much either, but that little something always makes me feel a little more proper and neat, especially when there isn’t any sun around. A little tan makes you feel like there’s no makeup necessary. What do you think, do you feel the same?

ZARA faux leather jacket + orange top from my sister
HOLLISTER shorts (old collection: bought in Vegas last summer)
UNKNOWN sandals from the Nieuwendijk @ Amsterdam
TIFFANY&CO. necklace (the other one was a gift)

Since I’ll be heading back to the cold in a few days, there I would combine this orange top with some cool boyfriend jeans (which I’m going to order when I get home!) or a simple black jeans/faux leather pants. And paired with some heels this outfit would go perfectly for a night out with the girls.

Hmmm, I’m going to soak up as much Vitamin D as I can! I’ll be sending some bright and sunny weather your way… Big kiss, Britt

PH/ by my sweet dad

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