Hi there!! First of all: happy Saturday! How’s life? Not exactly at its best for me right now, with my final high school exams going on, but hey you always gotta look at the bright sight! The weather is great ├índ it’s weekend, so I get to wear my Summer clothes again – even when I’m just behind my desk all day!

I feel so feminine when I get to wear these kind of outfits. I’m curious if you feel the same way. Oh, and let me reveal one item I’m wearing: my new chain bag! Curious yet??

IMG_1374 IMG_1370 IMG_1424 IMG_1440 IMG_1422 IMG_1457

H&M Lace dress (old) – similar here
ZARA Faux leather jacket + pastel pink bag
RAY BAN Meteor sunnies

So, that’s the feminine dressing I was talking about! Dresses and high heels, can it get any better than that? With this hot and sunny weather you can finally show some leg again (okay, maybe I had to get a tan first but hey)! I’m wearing this cute little – it’s a bit too short – lace dress, which goes perfectly with my newest addition: a pastel pink mini chain bag! For the little price I had to pay, I just couldn’t leave this little leather love!

To add a bit of a rough/sturdy touch to this look I added my biker jacket. That’s just my key item to add that feel to any look!

Well, unfortunately I still have 5 out of 8 exams left to make next week…. So I have to get back on track and study. If you have exams too: good luck!!! And if you are able to enjoy this beautiful weather: have the best day!!

Be back soon! Lots of love, Britt

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