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Wearing: Zara blazer and leopard trousers // H&M lace up body // Sacha pumps // Pandora jewelry // Renard watch // Mulberry mini Lily bag

Hey loves! I am back on the blog with a new post after a radio silence of two months… I’ve been busy with school and keeping Instagram and my mailbox updated, so I didn’t really have the time to do a post here as well. Also, I’ve been brainstorming a little bit on how to improve my blog, so soon I hope it’ll all look a little different! Anyways, I am showing you this look which I will wear to the launch of Fashionchick’s second season of “Elke dag een look” (Dutch for A look every day) will be festively celebrated at a blogger’s approved new spot in town: SNCKBR. I haven’t been there before, so I’m super curious about the food!

I’m probably not the only girl you’ve seen in these pants lately, but in my opinion it’s not weird that everybody’s been obsessing over them… I’ve been too! They’re crazy comfortable, have the perfect leopard print and just give your comfy look a little extra cool. I love to wear them in different ways. For this occasion I chose a casual chic look. Combined with this lace up body, a blazer and my new black pumps it’s perfect to wear to an event! What do you think of this look? And are you just as obsessed with leopard and black as I am? I’d love to hear! Hihi

Best wishes and kisses, Britt

PH/ by mum | Location: Entrance of De Hallen, Oud West Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

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