Hi there lovelies!! Thank God it’s Friday, for my blog it has definitely been a great week, but with school and my brain concussion all together.. It became a bit too much, I feel exhausted haha. A while ago I was thinking about buying a new pair of glasses. But it can be very expensive..

Finding a new pair of glasses should just as much fun as clothes shopping, having extremely bad eyes (-7…) I know it can be very hard to find the right one. Also you prefer to try on your new glasses with different outfits and just at home, where you feel comfortable!

Then I found the Dutch website bril.nl. A new concept of a website where you can pick your (sun)glasses with prescription lenses for just €98. When we order online we’re not really sure which glasses will fit best, so you can order four pairs of glasses for a home try-on.

Has it been a while since your last prescription? With the bril.nl health card (€29) you can get a prescription at a optician near you. For more information about this website, where you can find a optrician near you or for finding your new pair of glasses, go to: bril.nl

Enjoy your Friday night! XOX


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