Sunday Shopping Spree



Sunday was a goood day, in between studying I had some time to relax and enjoy the sun which finally showed up in Holland again. Also had the time to do some pretty good shopping!! Summer clothing here I come, I really can’t wait for it. Such exciting things are about to come!!! I can almost count down the days. (for my Santa Barbara adventure!!)

It was such lovely weather, I looked in my closet and saw all these dark and wintery clothes.. I looked up on the internet and found all these pretty colored clothes. A lovely lime green dress, some denim shorts, printed shirts, blazers and a scarf will always come in handy in spring and summer.

I also gave myself a very beautiful gift by ordering a new pair of Ray Ban glasses!! When they arrive I will tell more about them. I also have another special order coming in (hopefully) this week. Will show you more soon!!

Oh yeah PS, the black “leggings” are actually for fitness, one of my good intentions the upcoming months which I hope to fulfill!

Enjoy your Spring evening! X


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