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Saturday morning, after a night of partying my roommate Daisy and I hopped up on the train, with bags under our eyes after a very short night of sleep off to San Diego. After two and a half hours of traveling we were very comfy in the train, but then it stopped… We had to get out at the big and busy station of Los Angeles. We had no idea where to go, so we just followed everyone haha. Then we found out that there were very small and full buses taking us to San Diego, so we went to get some sushi at the local grocery store and just relaxed in the sun, waiting for the next train to come.

Finally, after 9 hours of traveling with a lot of sleeping and some great views (for example the San Clemente pier!!) we arrived in downtown San Diego. Luckily our hotel was really close, we went to our room to refresh ourselves and went out to have dinner in the center of San Diego’s nightlife: The Gaslamp Quarter. We already liked the city pretty much and were very excited about our next day.

Sunday morning. The early morning sun was shining lightly through the windows of our hotel room and we went out of bed early to go out and see the beautiful beaches of San Diego. We took the bus and went off to Mission beach, here we rented two beach cruisers. We got the real American feeling when we went to cycle on these. It was really cool to experience the beach in this way, you can look around, though you have to watch out because everyone is walking and skateboarding on the same way as you. We cycled all the way up to La Jolla beach, a really quiet and small beach with big rocks. We sat there for a while, for a few minutes you could take your mind off of everything and just watch the waves floating and listen to the sound of the ocean. Really calming.

Our way back.. Wow, that wasn’t so easy pfff. We had to cycle all the way uphill, coming from Holland which is – I think – one of the flattest countries so we aren’t used to this! Haha. We got s little bit sun burned, but we had a really good time there. Afterwards we thought we deserved a little treat. We brought the bikes back after four hours of cycling and went to get some fries. Yum, we spent the rest of our afternoon enjoying the view of a park and we lay in the sun, hmm really relaxing!

The next day we went into the train back home with our sore legs…. Haha poor us, we’re not used to cycling anymore. Again we took the Pacific Surfliner, which drives the whole way by the beautiful beaches. We saw a lot of great places, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, San Clemente.. Name it!

After this trip I realized this was already the first month of my trip, I’m halfway. I can’t believe how fast it went by, Friday I said goodbye to a lot of friends here. That was very sad, but that’s the way that it goes here.. And maybe/hopefully we’ll see each other in another country again! I have already met so many amazing people, I’m so glad I got to do so many great things (naming the Las Vegas trip, San Francisco and the good party nights) with all of you. I can’t wait to experience even more of these moments. I am really having the time of my life!! I can recommend to anyone to do something like this.

You’re probably thinking what the last picture (made back in Holland) has to do with my San Diego trip. Well.. There are two people I want to thank.. My mom and dad, they’re so special for me. I am really thankful that they are able to let me do this and let me have this experience. I am so glad we have such an open and good relationship. You’re letting me have the time of my life. I will never forget this trip and everything I did, will do and the people I met. You’re the best. I love and miss you.


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