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Happy Sunday! Last night the clock was set back an hour, back to winter time. I took this hour to get some more sleep, because I’m the type of person who tends to sleep too late when the alarm is going off too early.. So I guess you could say setting the clock back an hour is a real treat for me, this time I used it to the fullest to recharge and wake up bright & shine for my morning work-out. I followed a class of abs attack for the 3rd time this week (oh yes!) and worked on my cardio.. When I got back I received this delicious breakfast from Clinique and Pluk Amsterdam, with a yummy granola + yoghurt, banana bread, healthy juice and a chocolate/coconut bar. YUM!

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I had to hold myself before digging into the breakfast and started by unpacking the pretty box on the left… Is there any girl who can resist a beautiful pink wrapped box? I don’t think so! This box was filled with the new, extended line from Clinique pep-start…

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Look how cute the packaging of these products is! Of course I want my beauty products to be good, but for me it’s really important that the eye gets what it likes too.

From left to right: Pep-start moisturizer to moisture your skin with a matt finish. It’ll cover fine lines, wrinkles and spots plus it makes your skin feel super soft! Definitely new favorite to start the day.. The pink product below is the 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser to make your skin soft and smooth. I’m always in a hurry in the morning, so this product is great for me to use in the shower, ’cause it’s just so easy to use! In the bottom right the eye cream to prep your tired eyes in the morning, which works already in three seconds after putting it on. I always wake up with the thickest eyelids, which makes me look so tired, even with my makeup on… But when I put on this cream before, I instantly look much more awake since it gets rid of the thickness! And last but not least… The cleansing wipes! I just used them after the gym to freshen up, but you can also use it any time of the day to get rid of a shiny face.

Products available at (Cleansing Wipes exclusively available at De Bijenkorf)

How are you spending your day with an extra hour?

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