Hi there readers! Oh yeah, it’s f-i-n-a-l-l-y FRIDAY! After 7 exams it felt like this day would never come, but it’s here. I’ll have my last two exams today and then I’m finished, at last!

As some of you already read or seen on Instagram I went to the Fab. Office today to brainstorm, together with the creative team and 4 other girls, for their new youth collection. I must admit I was drooling a bit while being surrounded by so many lovely bags, wallets, make-up bags.. I WANT IT ALL! Hihi, whoops.

About Fab and the brainstorm: Fab. is an Amsterdam based brand by Fabienne Chabot who designs the greatest bags, wallets and other leather products – with only the best quality. But, this does make the products a bit more expensive too.. So we teamed up and got some great ideas for a collection in a lower price range, affordable for the youth, but still with the quality and appearance we’re used to from Fab. Doesn’t this sound cool??

Because the team was really glad we could help them out with the round off, they gave us an awesome goodie bag! I’m especially loving this cute mirror, which is always practical to have in your bag. Us ladies, we always come prepared! ;-) Want to know what else was in it? Click to see.

Oh and being there, one thing came on my wish list for sure. I had a love at first sight moment with this beloved leopard wallet!! Don’t you just love it too?

I’m heading to school now, just hold on this half day at school/work; the weekend is near!! Tomorrow still no lie-in for me though… I’ll have the selection day of AMFI, I applied for International Fashion & Management. You have no idea how nervous I am, but so excited at the same time (wish me luck)!

Big kiss, Britt

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