Hey dears! Last week I told you through Instagram that I had an exciting meeting at TRIBE Company, well today – as the title of this post already reveals – I’ll tell you what that was all about!

Around March I received an email from TRIBE if I wanted to team up with them and become a Zand Ambassador, after discussing further information and sharing thoughts we ended up in a meeting and created a great plan for the next months before the festival.

This Summer, August 22nd to be exact, we’ll be celebrating another edition of Holland’s most fun musical day at the beach of Almere… With artists such as Kensington, Anouk and.. one of my favorites: Matt Simons! They’ll perform while you’ll find yourself with your feet in the sand and a drink in your hands.

Being an official “Strandfestival Zand” Ambassador now I will show you some cool insights to and of the organization of this festival and other cool things in the coming months. Also.. There will be a GIVEAWAY this month, so I’m sure some of my lovely followers are able to enjoy this day as well!

So… I think I’ve informed you quite well for now, stay tuned and if you can’t wait already, check all the details of this festival right HERE!

Enjoy this super sunny day to the fullest and a happy weekend already! I’m off to the beach! Kisses, Britt

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