Garnier Fruit Energy

foto-8The sun shines, you smell the Summer outside.. But this means you have to take care of your face more, so it would be nice if this Summer feeling comes back in your products. Garnier has come with a Fruit Energy line in their Pure Active series. A refreshing scrub, mousse and cleansing gel that will make sure you’ll have a lovely fresh moment.

This line of products is suitable for people with an oily skin with impurities, a problem which a lot of people deal with during Summer. All the products smell lovely summerly and contain grapefruitextracts, pomegranate extracts and vitamin C derivative. They will cleanse and refresh your skin and make it shine.

Because of this nice smell it’s really a moment of joy using the products. You feel fresh and fruity. You can shine all day! Next to the fruity smell and refreshing, cleansing function these products also look very cute! The orange is really happy looking and for me that’s a big plus for a good product.

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