EF Santa Barbara

2Some of you already I’m in Santa Barbara with EF and the rest now does, haha. I’ve been here for over a week now and I really like it here. On the streets everyone is always smiling and all the locals are interested about you and your stay here, I’ve never had that many and long conversations with strangers! I will stay here for two months to improve my English.

As I already told you guys I’m staying at a house with about 20 students and we have dinner together. Every day I have a couple hours of school, which is fine. I have two kind of classes, I’m in the Upper Advanced class and instead of a SPIN (Personal Interest) class I have a preparation class for the TOEFL test I will take here.

I have made some really great new friends, they make my stay so much more fun and easier to be away from home! Everyone’s really nice and we have a lot of fun. We’re also planning a trip to San Francisco together this weekend. :)

Well that’s about what I wanted to tell you guys for now, I will make some pics with my better camera this week and in SF! I will keep you updated.


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