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It’s finally here! The lookbook from the COM’BIN’A’BLE collection by Isabella Doelwijt ( and Dennis Bareiro.

“The collection is a mix of modernism, vague memories and feelings inspired by people who are comfortable in their way of life through time. It is a story of men and women who show their passion for quality and sustainability in a unique way. The ability of combining these aspects in a way of living is an aspiration to live by.”

I enjoyed modelling for them very much, everyone was so nice and the sphere on the set was great.

Designs | Dennis Bareiro & Isabella Doelwijt
Photography | Sharon Jane D
Makeup Artist | Lieke Sylvester @ oOzaga
Hair Artist | Elise Haman
Videographer | MUNKICLOUD
Models | Pien Wekking – Nina van Tilburg – Britt Vissers – Bas Peters – Joost Groothuizen – Willem Gitz & Kayley Schoorel


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