Exciting news!!!

A very random photo of me during art class, haha

Hi there lovely readers! I’m sorry for the lack of updates on the blog and the lower quality pics (mostly: instagram), but I just started school two weeks ago and I still have to manage my time. I’m in my last two years of high school and I’m having these loooong long days at school, go to the gym and have hockey, so I come home kinda exhausted. I have to get used to these things again after two months full of relaxing and doing things with my friends.

But something totally different, I’ve got some REALLY exciting news to tell you.. I always had the desire to improve my English, it can bring you further in life and makes you connect with people from all over the world.. I thought about doing my study in English after school, but to do so I need a certificate that my English is good enough. So…. I’m probably going to Los Angeles two months to do an English course!!!

How is your week so far? Love, Britt

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