A new start

Hello there!

A little introduction.. I’m Britt, a 16 year old from The Netherlands. My full name is Britta Maxime Vissers. For the name, I wanted something unique, something that stands for me. And what else than my name could better reflect that?

This isn’t my first blog, I had another one for almost 2,5 years. It’s called: Style by Britt. I will keep it, but I won’t post on it anymore. I felt it was time to start something new, now that I know my personal style more. Now I know more what I like, but also that sometimes you should really just try things on. They can look so different on the hanger than when you’re actually wearing it.

I don’t stick to one certain style, I like to experiment with different styles and fabrics. For instance, I can wear jeans and a rough jacket on Monday, while on Tuesday I’m wearing high heels with a cute skirt or dress.

On this blog I’ll post..

  • My outfits
  • Photos of people and things that inspire me, this can be a collage or a dedicated post about someone inspiring
  • Wishlists

..and more, you’ll find out yourself.

Lots of love, Britt

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