As I’m trying to find the perfect 18th birthday dress- my birthday is on January 3rd – where I want to go for a basic, natural make-up look, I am almost forgetting to find some cool looks for Christmas. Since everyone is dressing up during these special days, I think we are allowed to launch out a bit when it comes to the hair and makeup. Of course you don’t want to look like you are the Christmas tree, but if you everything in balance you’ll be perfectly save. Just choose, outstanding dress ; simple makeup, or the other way around. When I was surfing the internet I found this beautiful model. How great would it be to combine this beautiful makeup look with a lighter dress? Looks perfect to me. Already any ideas what you’re wearing during the Holidays??

PS. I hope you Dutchies watched out for the storm and don’t have any problems with celebrating Sinterklaas because of this weather!!

I’m gonna watch the rest of “Expeditie Robinson” since this is the final episode, exciting!!! XOX


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