London for a day

imm002_0A imm006_4A imm010_8A imm012_10A imm016_14A imm020_18A imm021_19A imm022_20A┬áLast week I went to London for a day, with a school friend and other students who were excited about this little, amazing London trip. My friend and I had the best day, we did a little sight seeing (big ben, london eye, london bridge etc etc) and we went SHOPPING of course! We went to the new Victoria’s Secret store and we were blown away, wow. It’s really like your in lingerie heaven haha. I thought I was smart to take my camera with me, but I forgot to put the battery back in… So we bought a one-use camera and here are some of the pics above! Not the best quality, but it gives a funny effect. I hope you like! Enjoy your Tuesdayyy. Love!


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