..Of December and 2013 as a whole. Well, let’s start off with only this month already full of special moments, good parties and the best company. A little insta-diary of the past four weeks to give you an impression of all the parties. Anyway, besides all the partying I also enjoyed (a LOT) of good food the past week!! How was your Christmas??

New Years Eve and a brand new year are coming closer and closer and I’m getting more curious each day what 2014 will bring me. I already have a lot of exciting plans for the coming Summer, but will I pass my exams… I’m nervous about the day I will get that extreeemely nerve wrecking phone call!! But hey, for now that’s still about half a year to go. First other fun and exciting things like… MY BIRTHDAY! Yes, I’m sorry I can’t stop thinking about that. But also on January 9th I’m starting Grazia and Fontys’ course in Fashion Journalism. How cool is that?! I will tell you more about that, once I’ve experienced the first class.

But, while 2014 is coming closer and closer I’m also looking back at this year. How much I’ve changed over the past 12 months, how much of the world I have seen, the people I’ve met.. It’s been one hell of a crazy year, but oh such such such a good one. Definitely my most awesome Summer ever. I’m thinking about all the amazing people I’ve got to know over those two months, the fun things we did and my travels with them through California. If only we could do it all over again, that would be SO much fun!!

But besides living in Santa Barbara for 2 months in the Summer, I also went to London in January, just for one day. It was really cold and snowing, but my friend and I went shopping like crazy – we had such a great day! And from the cold we went to see some sun… In February we – my mum, my sister and a friend – booked a last minute trip to a small town in the south of Egypt called Port Ghalib to lay on the beach, relax and tan for a whole week.

My last trip this year was a weekend in Brussels to visit my dear friend whom I met over the Summer back in Santa Barbara, it was so great to see each other again and we had such a great time!! I wish that I’ll be able to visit/see more friends whom I met there in 2014!!


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